Sweet Treats

Perfect cupcakes start with a great recipe, fresh ingredients, and no preservatives. Here at Kora Lee's, we make from scratch small-batch treats daily. Cupcakes are not just for dessert anymore. Cupcakes are great for any occasion. And with Kora Lee's you can take your event to the next level of delicious. Call us today and let us help you with your Cupcatering. We not only carry some of the best cupcakes in the DMV but that same care and deliciousness go into our cakes as well. So whatever the need we can meet the expectation.


Celebration Cakes

Each of our cakes is made from scratch on-site and without preservatives. 

6″ (serves -6) = $24 and up
8″ (serves -12) = $45 and up
10″ (serves - 20) = $65 and up

Sheet cakes are available upon request

starting at $45


Standard Size

Half Dozen $19

One Dozen $36

Vegan (Must order in advance)

Half Dozen $24

One Doze $46 

Gluten-Free (Must order in advance)

Half Dozen $22

One Dozen $44

Additional Sweet Treats

We not only make great cupcakes but we offer a range of additional treats like the following:

Cake Pops


Cake Jars

Dipped Berries


Infused Treats

Cocoa Bombs

Caramel/Candy Apples



Brownies/Brookies and more