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Policies For Custom Cakes


To bake, decorate and design your cake to the best of our ability according to the sketch or picture provide provided and the colors that were specified on your order.  Due to the meticulous, handcrafted nature of our products, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for our custom orders.

 We appreciate when a customer provides a picture of a cake from a different bakery in order to help us better understand the design and style they are expecting to see in the cake        they wish to purchase from us.  As pictures aid us in the creation process, we cannot replicate a picture perfectly.  

We do our best to provide many choices of our moist delicious cakes and quality fillings so that you can choose a flavor that you and your guests will enjoy.  If you would like to sample some of our cake flavors before placing your order, please submit a request for a sample pack before your order is finalized.  This will help you choose which cake flavors your party will enjoy most.



·       Once you or a designated party has picked up an order, it is considered "accepted" – we will ask to make sure that everything is correct according to the order at the time of pick up.

·       All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop. We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter.

·       Advice for travel: Cakes should be transported on a level surface.  Not on a car seat, (since most seats are angled slightly).  If the cake is traveling more than 30 minutes, the car should be kept below 70 degrees.  You will be given a sturdy cardboard box to protect the cake.  You can insulate the cake box by draping a blanket on top of the box.  You can further insulate the cake with ice packs that can be placed on the outside of the box to help keep the cake as cold as possible during travel.  Drive cautiously and take corners slowly.  Once at your location cakes should be refrigerated until the time of the event.  Once out of the refrigerator the cake should be displayed on a level surface, out of direct sunlight, and below 70 degrees for no more than four hours.



·       We will deliver your cake and set it up by the time specified (barring no unforeseen delays, such as an emergency or traffic situation). If the cake is left undisturbed, out of direct sunlight, and at room temperature (65-70 degrees) it will maintain its structure & integrity for up to four hours.  Many of our cakes are displayed outside.  If this is your intent we require a level location on a sturdy table in the shade and in a temperature that is below 70 degrees.We not cannot be held responsible any imperfections caused by weather, physical contamination, and/or any other factors that are beyond our control.

·       During delivery: In an unavoidable situation, such as extremely poor road conditions or a car accident, MNSC cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the order.



Package One: Choose Four Options & A Two Tier Cake: (8" & 6" round) serves apx. 110 - $450

Package Two:Choose Five Options & A Three Tiered Cake: (9" 7" & 5" round) serves apx. 155 - $670

Package Three: Choose Six Options & A Three Tiered Cake (9" 7" & 5" round) serves apx. 180- $730


8" Tripled Layer Fancy Layer Cake: (flavors include)

Two Dozen Cupcakes of our Monthly Special.  See our Cupcake Page for the Schedule of the flavors

Two Dozen Cake Truffles:

  • Coconutties! (strawberry cake mixed with coconut filling dipped in white chocolate ganache and rolled in toasted coconut)

  • Snicker doodle (a cinnamon spice cake mixed with cream cheese dipped in white chocolate ganache and rolled in cinnamon sugar)

  • Triple Chocolate (devils food cake mixed with fudge icing dipped in chocolate ganache drizzled in chocolate)

  • Birthday Cake (white almond "funfetti" cake dipped in white chocolate)

  • Red Velvet (red velvet cake, mixed with cream cheese icing dipped in white chocolate)


Ready to Order?  Go to our "How to Order" Page


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you recently shorten your business name from Amanda Oakleaf Cakes to Oakleaf Cakes?  

A:   Yes, we’ve recently changed the name.  But don’t worry, Amanda (along with her husband Tyler) are still the owners. We simply wanted to make the change to emphasize that it’s not just a one woman show anymore.  We’ve grown and Amanda cannot create all the cakes herself.  We have a wonderfully talented group of artists and bakers who work on creating your custom cakes from scratch every week.  It’s going to take a while to change EVERYTHING our name appears on, so please bare with us while we make the transition.

Q: Do you make vegan cakes or desserts?

A: Yes! In addition to vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla cake we do have an ever-expanding list of vegan baked goods, including cookies, muffins, scones, and other delicious treats.  Please contact us to see what we have to offer as this list changes quickly.

Q: Do you make nut-free cakes and desserts?

A: We are NOT a nut-free bakery, as there are nuts on the premises and we do not have a separate kitchen or equipment for nut-free baking.  However, we are able to make things without nuts in them.  Let us know if there is a nut-related allergy (or any allergy for that matter) right away when you place the order and we are happy to make your cake using extra caution to avoid contact with nuts.  Just note that all of our equipment is shared between nut and non-nut cakes alike, so if the allergy is super-sensitive please use your own discretion before placing an order.

Q: Do you make gluten-free cakes or desserts?

A: We do not currently offer gluten-free cakes.  Gluten allergies can be very sensitive and because we do not have a separate kitchen (flour can be messy at times) we cannot offer gluten-free options at this time.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: Delivery is $50 per round-trip hour of travel time.  We calculate travel time using Google Maps. (Please refer to our pricing page for more info!)

Q: What is your pick-up/delivery policy?

A: We are happy to deliver your cake. For large, multi-tiered cakes we insist on delivering and setting up the cake ourselves to ensure safe transport and best results.  Smaller cakes may be picked up or delivered.  Pickup and delivery times will be arranged at the tasting consultation or when the cake is ordered.

Q: When should I order my cake?

A: It’s never too soon to order your cake.  As we book up frequently, we strongly recommend placing a $100 non-refundable date deposit on your cake as soon as you are certain you’d like one.  In general, simpler, smaller birthday cakes can be ordered as late as a week or so in advance as they are easier for us to fit into the schedule. On the other hand, a large, multi-tiered, or sculpted cake should be treated like any commissioned art work and ordered at least a month ahead of time if at all possible.  So if you are ordering for an event during peak wedding season (April-October) plan on booking several months in advance to secure your date.

We are also happy to accommodate late-notice orders, and often do, but to guarantee your date we recommend placing your order as far in advance as you can.  As soon as you’re sure you want a cake with us, even if you don’t have all the flavor or design specifics worked out yet,  you can pay the $100 non-refundable date deposit to reserve your spot in our schedule.

And if you need a last-minute, but still delicious cake, stop by to pick up and personalize one of our gourmet cakes from our display.

Q: Do you provide a preview/sketch of my cake?

A: Yes.  We sketch out a basic line drawing at the cake tasting/consultation to insure everyone’s on the same page design-wise.  Then, after we have the Date Deposit we are able to spend more time completing a more detailed, colored sketch of your final design.
Our decorators and office managers are all artists with degrees in Fine Art including Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration and Art History from schools such as Mass Art in Boston and UMass Amherst.  Our talented cake artists will not hesitate to provide a custom sketch for complex, hard-to-imagine cakes.  Let’s say you love the design of the wallpaper in your room but don’t know how that translates into cake, send us a picture/the paper and we’ll transform your idea into a custom cake. Other ideas we can work from are children’s toys, invitations, party decorations, and even lace patterns on wedding dresses.

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