All of our products are made with the finest in-season ingredients.

We make our treats in small batches and fresh daily for your enjoyment. 

Any of our flavors can be made into any size cake,

cupcake, baby bunt, or mini cupcake. 

*Gluten-free comes in most flavors*

Classic Treats

Black Out-Dark Coco cake & Chocolate Buttercream


White Out-All Vanilla cake & Buttercream


Mixed Chic-Marble Cake w/Twisted Buttercream


Cocoa Butter-Yellow cake w/Chocolate Buttercream

Gourmet Eats

*Lemon Drop-Lemon cake w/Lemon Buttercream 

*Red Head w/Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

*Toasted Coconut-Coconut cake w/Coconut Buttercream 

*Silly Rabbit w/Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting
*Smokey Mel- Smoked Caramel
*Pound IT-Vanilla Bean Pound Cake with Classic Drizzle

*Cocoa Razz- Chocolate Raspberry

*Razz Pizazz-Chocolate Raspberry  Coconut 

*Raspberry Pucker-Lemon Raspberry

*Tart Ginger-Lemon Ginger 

*Pucker Up-Lemon cake w/Lemon curd

*Puckered  Poppy-lemon poppy cake w/lemon cream

*Red Bottom-Red Velvet Cheesecake

*Muddy Mississippi-Dark cocoa cake, ganache center, cocoa bc

*Almond Butter Cup-Cocoa cake with almond bc

*German White Chocolate

*Classic German Chocolate 


*Cocoa Doodle

*Butter Pecan

*Chai Butter Pecan

*Boston Cream

*Boston Got Creamed-stuffed with chocolate and topped with white chocolate ganache

*Gingered Pear

*Sweet P-Sweet potato souffle 

*Nana Pudding

*Creme Brulee

*Lavender Creme Brulee

*Pineapple Pancetta

*Chocolate Covered Pomegranate

*Balsamic Berry-strawberry cake w/berry balsamic bc

*Birthday Cake

*PB & J

*Brazilian-Brigadeiros  Chocolate

*Fried Apple Pie

*Brown Sugar Oatmeal


*Golden O

*Cookie Monster

* Big E-peanut butter Banana

*Butter B-Toffee Banana 

*Sweet Heat-Cocoa Chipoltle Raspberry

*Luxury-Chocolate Hazelnut

*Lavish Luxury-Chocolate w/Red Velvet Ganache

*White Chocolate Truffle

*Blueberry Green Tea

**Strawberry Shortcake

*Sassy Frass-Cocoa cake w/raspberry cheesecake

*Master P-Chocolate peanut-butter

*Nilla Nutter-Vanilla cake w/Peanut Butter Buttercream

*Busted Brownie-vanilla cake with brownie baked inside

*Pretty Girl-Raspberry Vanilla

Prettier Girl-Cocoa cake w/Raspberry bc

*Cherry Vanilla

*Chocolate Bourbon Pecan


*Diabetic Coma-butter cake w/pieces of snack cakes drizzled w/chocolate

*Samoa-chocolate, caramel, coconut

*Wedding Cake-vanilla cake, almond bc w/blackberry preserve

*Rocky Road


*Coney Island Crunch-butter cake w/caramel, sugar cone pieces, drizzled with fudge 

*Blue Pucker-Lemon Blueberry

*Hibiscus Blues-blueberry hibiscus

*Butter Vanilla-cookie butter cake and bc

*Cocoa Covered Pretzel-chocolate cake w/pretzel bc


Brunch Selections

Coffee & Doughnuts

French Toast

Maple Pancakes & Bacon

Southern-Chicken and waffle


Peach Bellini

Berries & Champagne

Banana Foster

Jelly Doughnut

Blueberry Pancake


Cocktail Hour

White Chocolatetini

Bubbly-Lavender Champagne

Vanilla Bean Kahlua

Peanut Punch


Amaretto Sour

Islander-Pineapple Rum

Rum Cake-Chocolate, Rum Raisin

Cinnamon or Classic Vanilla

Foxy 45-Guava Rum

Peanut Punch

Pineapple Moscato

Candy Bar



Peanut Butter Twix


Reese's Cup

Almond Joy

Butter Finger

Perfect Pie


Caramel Apple

Lemon Ginger Meringue

Mixed Berry Crumble



Snicker Doodle




Green Tea Blueberry

Hibiscus Blue

Smokey Mel

Master P

Silly Rabbit

Black Out

White Out

Peach Cobbler

Big E